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Posted on 29 November 2009 by Papessa

job_it_specialistThe recent development of social networks is symptomatic of the trends toward permanent connectivity and total IT immersion. In this new context, Web 2.0 is creating a growing space of new services essentially without limits. Content is disseminated by all kinds of networks at higher and higher bandwidth.

But in order for our economies and societies to enter this new networked phase — « always on » — there are several conditions which must be satisfied.

One of the priorities is the training of engineers and managers to produce the advances necessary in the techniques permitting the continued deployment of digital technologies and to find economic and social paths to sustainable development.

The waves of new inventions and technologies like iPhone, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. have become daily companions of the natives of the digital community.

Information professionals and IT experts with multidisciplinary competencies in management or communications are still very difficult to find on the Swiss or European market. Further, it has proven difficult to motivate students toward these fields, still seen as too technical. The creation of subsidiaries of the HES following the professionalizing logic of the universities according to the Bologna Bachelor- Master principles has not been sufficient to respond to the rising demands of companies for qualified IT engineers with an appreciation of the Web 2.0 world and its required skill sets.

It therefore remains vital for the Swiss economy to promote the fields of IT engineering, information sciences and computer technologies to students and to emphasize the larger multi-disciplinary aspects of these studies with respect to management information systems and I.T.

The development of I.T. technologies and innovations in telecommunications, information systems and computer software will have a direct bearing on whether Switzerland maintains itself as a country producing value-added products and services. To accomplish this Switzerland will need to invest more heavily in developing its education and training programs to insure an adequate supply of I.T. professionals, engineers and managers.

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