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Posted on 23 April 2007 by info

Those trying to find work in Switzerland — Job seekers from abroad– have many options for finding employment in Switzerland.

Are you looking for a job in Switzerland ?

The international organizations around the United Nations, of which there are nearly 20, are all Switzerland-based employers for which no work permit is necessary. And most have websites on which they post their vacancies on a weekly basis. W-i-S also periodically posts excerpts of these job offers.

For the rest of the job market, there are many ways to find a job in Switzerland :

1) Consult the newspapers (almost all of which are now online): job offers (offres d’emploi – Stellenmarkt)
are in the classifieds area of the dailies (usually printed on Wednesdays or the weekend), or weeklies. However, often interesting advertisements for jobs and other employment offers

can be found in specialized trade magazines. There are regular advertisements for offers and Swiss career opportunities in Le Temps, 24heures and Tagesanzeiger.

2) From the Internet: there are many online recruitment websites (site web d’emploi – Jobsbörsen) which permit tailor-made job-searches. One can look for a job selecting the sector and region where one wants to find work. The most popular Swiss employment websites are monster, jobup, topjobs, jobpilot, and jobwinner, jobscout24. Executive and high end professional jobs are concentrated on websites like executive search and

3) Employment agencies: Recruitment agencies play a key role in the employment in Switzerland and the Swiss job market. Most agencies however prefer to work only with candidates holding a valid work permit. Agencies cannot obtain a work permit: only employers can do this.

4) Spontaneous applications: Sometimes the most successful strategy for finding a job is to send your c.v. and an unsolicited application to the specific companies where you would like to work. You can do this often via the company’s website. Be sure to address your application to the individual responsible for recruitment or the manager of the HR department (Directeur de Ressources Humaines – Personalabteilungsleite). Some personnel departments stock these applications and when jobs openings occur they look at their c.v.s on file before advertising the position and contacting an employment agncy or recruiter. One can find a list of the 2000 largest Swiss companies in Top 2000,

5) EU citizens have the right to look for work in Switzerland and can search for a job for up to 3 months. In order to spend more time in the country looking for employmentt, one needs to apply for a residence permit for an additional 3 months. EU citizens have many options for finding a job in Switzerland not available to other nationalities.

For highly skilled professional positions, the most effective route to a job offer in Switzerland and a permit for employment remains Swiss recruitment websites and the Swiss employment, placement, and headhunting agencies which all have an important presence on the web.

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