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Swiss Companies : Jobs Freeze

Posted on 09 December 2008 by ThomasP

The employment market in Switzerland has begun deteriorating. Official statistics from November released this morning by the SECO (an organ of the Swiss Federal Government) showed new jobs creation grinding to a halt and unemployment rates rising to 2.7% from a previous 2.6%.

The employment index, calculated by the HES of Soleure and the University of Zurich on a mandate from the company Monster, showed a 5 point drop in October, its first drop since 2003.

The economics professor Yves Fluckiger, director of the Employment Observatory of Geneva, believes that the number of unemployed will grow by 30,000 – 40,000 persons within the next 12 months. The unemployment rate is thus expected to rise to 3.5% – 3.6%. In fact, over the next 4 – 6 months, the unemployment statistics will mostly be hit by the already jobless who will have greater difficulty finding work in a market which is tightening up and go into bunker mode.

Off balance by the recessionist economic perspectives, companies are scaling back hiring, resulting in fewer opportunities for those without jobs to get off unemployment.

Swiss unemployment set to rise

Added to this, recruiters and analysts of the job market say, will be an increase in companies laying off workers.

The Regional Placement Offices (ORP) claim that they are already seeing these tendencies. The federal government has already been sending out circulars advising regional placement offices to increase their staff (at least they are hiring !) to deal with expected rise in the number of unemployed who will need assistance in finding a job.

The canton of Fribourg is already seeking to hire several new placement case officers.
Neuchatel’s two placement offices currently employ 40 staff and are in the process of recruiting 4 more placement advisors. They say they may hire more in 2009.

The canton of Geneva’s placement centers employ roughly 200 staff – making them an important source of employment for Geneva – and have not yet launched any new job offers but sources say they will be hiring more staff for 2009, according to Patrick Schmied, the director of the Office Cantonal de L’Emploi.

On average, a placement officer handles 100 jobless candidates at the same time. In December 2007 Switzerland had 131 regional placement offices for the jobless and employed a total of 2500 persons. These offices handled a total of 436,000 unemployed seeking a job.

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