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Continued Demand for Skilled Mechanics

Posted on 26 July 2009 by PCT

Bucking the trend of downsizing and layoffs, part of the industry of precision machine tools – hat which treats machines destined for agri-business, rail transport or medicine—are little affected by the economic slowdown.

This contrasts strongly with companies producing precision mechanics for the luxury watch industry where jobs have been had hit, with many companies in the Jura laying off thousands of workers.

However, globally across the precision tools industry in Switzerland, there is very strong demand for mechanics skilled in tooling pieces in metal or plastic. In Romandy alone (the French-speaking parts of Switzerland) the labor bureau estimates the market is lacking roughly 400 skilled mechanics.

In the precision tools industry a mechanic who works in the manufacture of machine tools for fabricating precision parts is in high demand. The Swiss market on the whole requires roughly 25,000 such skilled precision mechanics. The Vocational training that produces them is largely by apprenticeship and as a result, in the French-speaking regions of Switzerland, where apprenticeships are not highly esteemed as educational qualifications—there are few students choosing to be trained in this field.

Company spokesmen and government labor offices say it’s a shame, because the precision machine industry, the electronics and the metallurgy industries are big employers in the Swiss economy, and the jobs in these fields offer high salaries and good career prospects.

The machine tools, electronics, and metallurgy industries together employ 320,000 people in Switzerland across over 400 companies. In Romandy alone, these industries are responsible for 50,000 jobs.

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