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Switzerland’s Workforce More Mobile

Posted on 23 August 2009 by Mr Bureau

According to recent studies of work habits in Switzerland by Zurich’s EPF, the Swiss have turned the page on the era of the long term employment close to home.

Employees are now not only changing jobs frequently but also seeking them or accepting them farther away from home, endorsing the notion that mobility and flexibility are factors in career advancement.

The study’s authors claim that current workplace demands, which have increased considerably with globalization, have made professional work in Switzerland more dependent on mobility.

Many recruitment agencies have noted that the attractiveness and enjoyability of a candidate rises considerably with willingness to travel.

RH consultancies note that the reasons most often appreciated by employees are the company culture and diversity of the job description; thus the reasons most often cited for leaving a job are absence of a good work environment, monotonous workload. Salary is usually secondary.

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