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Job Applications – Evolution in the Swiss Marketplace

Posted on 23 October 2009 by PCT

The economic slowdown in Switzerland has given rise to changes in the job search process. As a result of fewer recruitment advertisements with job opportunities, HR staff at employers have tightened their requirements for candidates responding to job vacancies.

Job seekers all know that making the cut of CV selection is a key step and that recruiters typically spend only a few minutes – sometimes only a few seconds—scanning each dossier.

More than ever, it’s important that when responding to a job offer, the link between your response and the job offer is clear and evident to the recruiter. Do your work experience and your education should obviously correspond to the criteria in the job advertisement? Is your professional experience compatible with the company’s culture?
At this stage, often half of the CVs and dossiers received are discarded.

To maximize the job seeker’s chances of getting the maximum attention from HR he should take the requisite care on his motivation letter. Put out front in concise and clear argument the elements of your career which match up with the position being offered, with results and figures if necessary (for instance in a sales management job vacancy).
Avoid talking about your career objectives if they don’t align to the job being proposed.

The second important phase is the telephone call from the recruiter for clarifications and setting up an appointment. HR staff appreciate candidates ready to react rapidly. Being unavailable for an in-depth interview for weeks to come is a good way to drastically reduce your chances of being offered the job.

The interview, if one gets that far, is crucial and the goal is clear. Before the interview, evaluate your interest and your motivation for the job, be clear about your availability and notice period, think well in advance about your salary expectations and if relevant test appropriately your language skills. Most importantly, prepare in advance for the likely questions you will be asked about your professional career and experience and how you will respond.

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