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Switzerland More Competitive, Economy has more Jobs

Posted on 10 May 2007 by info

According to a new study by IMD of Lausanne, Switzerland has become more competitive in the global marketplace, moving from a ranking of 8th in the listing of most competitive countries, to a the new rank of 6th.

Switzerland’s ranking was boosted by the performances of its large companies whose activities are oriented towards exports. The IMD analyzed 55 countries for the study.

The report, which was presented on the 9th of May, attributed to Switzerland 1st place for the international experience of its entrepreneurs, and 3rd place for the quality of its social relations and employee motivation.

The Swiss economy remains a powerful draw for foreign labor seeking to work in Switzerland, with more than a quarter of the Swiss workforce coming from foreign countries. Swiss employment opportunities in banking, financial, and insurance sectors, as well as plentiful job offers in the pharmaceutical and luxury industries have contributed to Switzerland having the lowest unemployment rate in Europe.

The proliferation of recruitment websites for jobs across Switzerland attests to the tight labor market. Candidates from abroad for jobs in Switzerland should notes our articles concerning job application procedures and rules concerning permits for work in Switzerland.

Career Executives and other professionals seeking employment in Switzerland have a wide selection of job offers for technical, research, teaching, IT, banking, and management opportunities and other Swiss career opportunities. Most opportunities are in Zurich, Basel, Geneva, Lausanne, Berne or Neuchatel.

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