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Swiss industrial growth in Romandie creates more jobs

Posted on 30 May 2007 by info

Job creation in the Romandie part of Switzerland has been vigorous for the first part of 2007, particularly in the canton of Vaud, which has seen a 2.1% rise in new jobs created in the canton.

In total there were 6000 new jobs since 31 December 2006, according to the Vaudois statistics bureau (SCRIS).

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For highly skilled and highly educated professionals, Switzerland offers wide opportunities for employment and there are steep shortages of workers in many Swiss industries. Jobseekers looking for employment in Switzerland who have training or qualifications in fields such as banking, finance, biotech or pharma research, or luxury watch making have diverse opportunities for work in Switzerland.

As in the rest of Switzerland, the sector that has shown the most growth and therefore the most promising for seeking employment was the secondary sector which displayed a very strong expansion with a growth in employment of 2000 jobs.

The tertiary sector showed an annualized growth in employment resulting in the creation of 4000 new jobs in the canton of Vaud, maintaining the same rate of job growth seen in 2006.

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These healthy employment conditions in Vaud have had positive repercussions on the unemployment rolls, with the number of people collecting unemployment benefits dropping by 2300 people between March 2006 and March 2007, and manifesting the sharpest drop in the last 4 years.

Border workers (or ‘frontaliers’), who numbered 13,646 at end of March 2007, are still at an annualized rate of 11%.

The sectors of the economy with the highest demand for labor from across the border are the precision instruments and watch making industries, which together constitute roughly one-third of the jobs held by workers living in neighboring France but working in Switzerland.

The precision instruments and luxury watch and jewelry industries are experiencing strong growth and huge increases in profits, resulting in very tight demands for qualified new hires. The demands of the luxury industry for new employees has spawned several secondary recruitment business for the sectors, with websites specialized in recruitment for luxury brands. The luxury industries are particularly seeking to recruit experienced watchmakers skilled in complications, experienced jewelers, communications, marketing and regional sales staff, seasoned I.T. professionals, and experienced managers.

There are a variety of ways for the candidate from abroad to find a job in Switzerland :

1) Consult the newspapers via their websites : job offers (offres d’emploi – Stellenmarkt) are in the classifieds area of the dailies (usually printed on Wednesdays or the weekend), or weeklies. However, often interesting advertisements for jobs and other employment offers.
There are regular advertisements for offers and Swiss career opportunities in Le Temps, 24heures and Tagesanzeiger.

2) There many online recruitment websites (site web d’emploi – Jobsbörsen) which permit tailor-made job-searches. One can look for a job selecting the sector and region where one wants to find work. The most popular Swiss employment websites are monster, jobup, topjobs, jobpilot, and jobwinner, jobscout24. Executive and high end professional jobs are concentrated on websites like executive search and

3) Employment agencies: Recruitment agencies play a key role in the employment in Switzerland and the Swiss job market. Most agencies however prefer to work only with candidates holding a valid work permit. Agencies cannot obtain a work permit: only employers can do this.

4) Spontaneous applications: A good strategy can be sending your c.v. and an unsolicited application to the specific companies where you would like to work, via the company’s website. Address your application to the recruitment manager of the HR department (Directeur de Ressources Humaines – Personalabteilungsleite). Some personnel departments stock these applications and when jobs openings occur they look at their c.v.s on file before advertising the position and contacting an employment agncy or recruiter. There is a list of the 2000 largest Swiss companies in Top 2000.

Attach a photo to your curriculum vitae — this is still common practice and most employers like to see one, just like they want to see your birthdate or age.

The curriculum vitae should be written in a formal manner, in either chronological, reversed or functional order. Send it with a coveriletter (one page), as well as work certificates or references from your previous employers, and copies of diplomas. (see our posting about work certificates if you are unfamiliar with this).

Candidates from abroad wishing to find jobs in Switzerland can consult a variety of corporate websites, employment agency websites and recruitment companies such as Michael Page, Edicom, Jobwinner, Jobscout24, Jobup, Monster, and others. These sites have up-to-the-minute advertisements for job openings in Switzerland along with the requirements sought.

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