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Sought-after banking and financial services profiles

Posted on 24 June 2007 by Fixer

The Swiss banking and financial services sector is one of the most vibrant and well-paid sectors of the Swiss economy and one which is drawing an increasing number of foreign professionals to work in Switzerland.

The field of Fixed Income / Equity: Sales is a demanding and highly sophisticated field requiring state of the art advice. The major Swiss-based banking institutions seek motivated individuals with university degrees and excellent analytical, accounting, language, and marketing skills, as well as a demonstrable flair for the financial markets. The major Swiss-based financial institutions are very international and can obtain work permits for foreigners from outside the EU. Their environments are fast moving and challenging, and offer a wide range of opportunities.

The fixed income professional works with equities, bonds, commodities, foreign exchange, money market and develops trading strategies, conducts market & stocks analysis, and supports the employment in Swiss bank sector

bank’s institutional clients. An ability to fully understand the customer’s needs, pricing models and derivative solutions, and tailor the appropriate derivative solutions or develop hedging strategies, design yield enhancement products – these are the sorts of tasks that the fixed income specialist may work

Another common profile sought after by Swiss-based financial institutional employers is the Sales or Research Job Profiles. The main focus of this job is the management of positions, the supervision of defined marketing segments and the sale of financial products. The job may also involve the analysis of financial markets or stocks. In the Sales segment, consulting and sales capabilities are a high priority so as to be able to meet the client’s needs and offer the highest level of service. Sales employees typically receive information and assessments regarding financial markets as well as a company’s evaluations from the bank or institution’s Research Analysts.

The role of the Research Analyst is to maintain close contacts with company managements, cater for buy-side analysts and portfolio managers, and also conduct client visits and marketing trips.

A highly in-demand profile is the Derivatives Marketing Specialist. They are responsible for structuring and selling derivatives solutions to the bank’s corporate and institutional clients. They are involved in the development of hedging strategies, the design of yield enhancement products and the structuring of capital protected products. Some of the products they work with are : Interest Rate Derivatives, Credit Derivatives, Equity Derivatives, Commodity Derivatives; Hedge Fund linked Derivatives, Strategic FX Derivatives and Tax Efficient Structuring.

The Analyst is a common profile within Swiss-based financial institutions. The Analyst will often deal with pricing for internal positions, risk management of small trades and assist senior traders, control limited orders and handle risk management of product positions.

Option Traders trade currencies and take budget responsibility for their trading book. They’re responsible for the pricing of spots and all common options for internal and external clients and for increasing the volume and performance by supporting and selling their product category.

FX traders do prop trading as well as risk hedging for the banks that employ them. They support internal departments such as Sales and Structured Products and provide them with regular information and market updates.

Equity Derivatives trade equity-linked products, derivatives and structured products, including generating trading revenues as Market Maker as well as through prop trading, and also improving and expanding trading algorithms. Typical products are ‘exchange traded options’, ‘plain vanilla’, ‘exotic’-OTC index- and stock options and exchange traded funds (ETF).

Traders are responsible for the risk management of derivative trading positions and are obliged to respect trading and position limits. Besides generating daily profit and loss reports, they create daily market reports.

Executive and top professional recruiting agencies across Switzerland are on the lookout for experts with these skills. The Swiss financial services marketplace is among the most competitive in the world and offers important lifestyle advantages. For this reason, more than a third of the Swiss professional workforce is now composed of foreigners who have chosen to work in Switzerland.

All the major banking institutions maintain websites with current job openings but for this type of high level expertise it can be more efficient and discreet to use a headhunter or recruitment agency to handle the approach.

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