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Jobs for Young I.T. Professionals in Switzerland

Posted on 16 October 2007 by ThomasP

Professionals and leaders in the fields of I.T. –information technologies– information systems and telecommunications report that in Switzerland talent in the sector is drying up, unable to follow demand, and that salaries are skyrocketing.

At the GRI (Groupe Romande Informatique) a professional organization for the I.T. sector in the French speaking part of Switzerland, officials are worried that there are not enough I.T. professionals being produced by the Swiss school system.

According to a study made public today, 57% of computer professionals in Switzerland are over 40 years of age. Only 11% are under 29 years of age.

The president of the GRI says that the aging of the population of specialists coupled with the drying up of resources in the I.T. sector has contributed to a strong rise in salaries, now estimated at CHF 121,000 / year on average for the sector.

The schools are having difficulty filling up their I.T. classes since the explosion of the internet bubble in 2001. And yet, this is a fascinating sector to be working in, says the organization’s president – “the field encompasses programming and software development, analysis, team management. It’s a multidimensional field touching on numerous domains and stimulating an intellectual curiosity.”

Admittedly, the president of the GRI is a non-neutral observer. The GRI’s objective is to make youth sensitive to I.T. and encourage them to enter the field so that the talent pool will be replenished. In Switzerland, currently 22% of women work in I.T. and the GRI would like to see the percentage rise to 40%.

The shortage of I.T. professionals in Switzerland is creating abundant opportunities for foreign professionals to find jobs in Switzerland.

2008 has been declared the year of I.T. in Switzerland with diverse presentations and exhibits and media coverage toward the goal of encouraging adolescents in the age range of 13-18 to pursue studies in Information Technologies and Telecommunications.

The campaign will be sponsored in part by the ICT Switzerland which is the Swiss governmental organization that specializes in information technologies and is under the SWICO.

Information about the above can be found on the two websites and

The annual study on salaries undertaken by Swiss ICT and GRI for 2007 was made across 240 companies and 20,000 professionals working in the sector. The study concluded that the average annual salary, now at CHF 121,000/year, had risen approximately 3.5% over 2006.

Over 18 sectors reflected in the I.T. branch study, the chemical sector’s I.T. professionals were 13% above the I.T. sector average, and the retail sector was 15% below average. As a rule, university education (i.e. an engineering degree) puts one into a bracket roughly 15%-25% above the average.

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