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Switzerland Risks Severe Shortage of I.T. Professionals

Posted on 22 November 2007 by Mr Bureau

Information systems professionals, I.T. specialists, and computer experts are becoming rarer and rarer in Switzerland, with a diminishing number of students choosing to go into information technology fields.

The number of students choosing I.T. has decreased by half over the last five years in the specialized Hautes Ecoles and universities.

Departures for retirement of I.T. professionals are not being replaced locally on the market by the educational institutions and greater demands are being placed on bringing foreigners with I.T. skills into the Swiss workforce.

Confronting this danger of severe scarcity of technical skills on the Swiss marketplace in key I.T. sectors, a number of public and private organizations are associating to try to generate interest among the youth in going into these professions.

Careers in Switzerland

Yesterday in Lausanne and Zurich the “Informatica 08″ conference presented the range of fields under Information Technologies and is trying to portray information technologies in the most romantic and desirable lights possible, demonstrating the diverse career opportunities available in Switzerland and attempting to attract gifted students. Daniel Borel, founder of Logitech is one of the well-known figures behind the initiative.

The initiative’s authors worry about the possibility of major companies leaving Switzerland because they cannot find the computer scientists and I.T. professionals they need. An increase in Outsourcing is also a result of the scarcity of I.T. people locally.

I.T. jobs in SwitzerlandYoung women represent a particular potential for recruitment. At present only 15% of I.T. specialists are women.

Concern has been steadily rising for several years about the growing scarcity of professionals in numerous technical fields. Initiatives have been enacted to facilitate immigration of foreign technical specialists. Integration with the EU has also helped ease shortages by opening access to Swiss labor markets to workers throughout the EU. Nonetheless, despite all these measures, for top qualified I.T. professionals, Switzerland remains a seller’s market top professionals and salaries continue to rise as companies compete for the limited resources on the market.

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