Piaget enlarges its Plant in Geneva

Posted on 30 November 2007 by Papessa

Built in 2001, Piaget is already enlarging its manufacturing plant in Plan-les-Ouates in Geneva, because its business is growing too fast. The current space cannot absorb the growth and an extension of an additional 850m2 is planned for summer 2008. This will no doubt translate into additional requirement for qualified staff across several hiring domains of luxury watch making.

In only 6 years the Piaget enterprise has grown considerably into a major manufacturing facility, according to Philippe Léopold-Metzger. Piaget is already a major employer in the Geneva area.

Piaget has ridden the wave of the boom in the emerging economies in which the nouveau riche have been purchasing luxury brands at an astounding pace.

Piaget is part of the Richemont group of brands and Richemont is experiencing a period of great profitability across all its brands. 2007 is shaping up to be an exceptional year for the company, which has work in switzerland luxury industries - extension to Piaget site

both luxury watch brands and jewelry brands.

Jewelry has become a veritable brand exercise, with companies already enjoying a legitimacy in this sector seeing their profits go through the roof.

This has proved a windfall for Piaget, which was already benefiting from the ebullient markets for luxury watches across the world.

Careers in SwitzerlandThe 5000m2 of space for thee Piaget Manufacture thus no longer can absorb the growth in staff resulting from the company’s expansion. There are already 360 staff working at the Geneva facility in Plan-les-Ouates and roughly 30 new jobs are created every year so far.

The new job profiles that will undoubtedly be sought once the extension is made next summer will be in the areas of product development, marketing, training, and technical fields in the production of watches and jewelry. The space additions will be largely attributed to office space (rather than workshop space).

The extension work has been going on for more than 3 months and coincides with another Piaget project going on at the rue du Rhone, where the company has its prestigious boutique. By spring time the Geneva boutique will be redone from top to bottom and furnished with an additional surface of 180m2 comprising notably a VIP salon. Piaget envisions also to install an audiovisual space retracing and displaying the creations of the over 40 trades encompassed by the Piaget company, employing thematic exhibits and presentation pieces from private collections.

Piaget’s spokesman says that in just a few years, their network of 51 boutiques has become an important source of growth.

Even the strong Euro seems to have had no effect on the growth of Switzerland luxury brands, and they continue to inundate the labor market with demands for top quality marketing, sales, branding, logistics, and technical professionals. Job seekers in such fields as watch making or jewel setting or branding strategy find a seller’s market for their skills on the Swiss job market.

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