The Glorious Era of SGS

Posted on 13 February 2008 by Mr Bureau

In 2007, the Geneva-based multinational broke all earnings records, capping 7 years of growth and bumper years.

SGS is the number one player on the global market for inspection services and certification. Many of SGS’s clients are governments. Others are trading companies, banks and insurers.

The CEO of SGS, Chris Kirk, recently shared his thoughts with the media.

SGS had one of its best earnings years in 2007 and currently employs over 50,000 workers worldwide. Sales figures at SGS for 2007 were roughly $ 4 billion, with a net profit of about $500 million.

SGS expects continued growth, with as much as a 10% rise in their current sales figures for 2008. With the expectation of a recession in the US and its repercussions on global markets, Kirk noted that it was difficult to predict how 2008 would turn out.

Société Générale de Surveillance - SGS - Geneva

SGS has very strong liquidity and is therefore positioned to take

advantage of opportunities for acquisitions as they present themselves in a falling market. SGS is particularly on the lookout for opportunities in geophysics, mineral extraction, oil and gas, and raw materials.

Headquarters of SGS - GenevaThe management of SGS sees their profit per share attaining CHF 80. The management’s goal is to reach a profit of CHF 105 per share by 2011. SGS currently trades in the range of CHF 1400 – CHF 1450 per share.

SGS (as well as its smaller rival Cotecna Inspection) is one of Geneva’s largest employers. At this time, SGS Société Générale de Surveillance is currently seeking to recruit for Geneva:
a Junior Business Analyst for Geneva,
a Web Developer / Web Master
an International Legal Counsel
an intern Business Development Assistant
an apprentice “Apprentissage de Commerce”
and for Zurich:
a Consumer Testing Services (CTS) Manager.
SGS is also seeking to recruit two international positions – an Ivory Coast Automotive Manager for the Ivory Coast, and an Operations Manager, Forestry Monitoring Project for Liberia. Interested parties can write to departement des ressources humaines, SGS, Place des Alpes 1, 1211 Geneva 1 or go to their website at

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