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Switzerland in Period of Full Employment

Posted on 29 March 2008 by Sprecher

According to recruitment specialists, the current trend of work in Switzerland and the Swiss job marketplace is strong demand for profiles in administration, sales, and marketing.

Recruiters say that an apprenticeship in business studies is very good professional preparation for a career in Switzerland. The acquisition of language skills is also of key importance finding work in the job market in Switzerland which is multilingual and multicultural.

For any job in Switzerland English is a very important – often indispensable— skill.

In real estate and construction, in the insurance sector, and even more so in banking, from receptionists to financial directors, all work in Switzerland in the tertiary sector is experiencing a demand outstripping the available labor resources available on the local Swiss market and resulting in a situation of full employment and too many jobs for the available supply of workers.

Swiss Real Estate and Building Industry in Switzerland

Recruiting agencies claim that January 2008 was still better than January 2007, with a major increase in jobs and open-ended permanent contract hires.

The number of jobs in Switzerland is running ahead of the number of qualified professionals to the extent that recruiters are noting that companies are hiring temporary workers on a permanent basis (very profitable for placement agencies renting workers). Recruiters and employment agencies agree: Switzerland is currently in a period of full employment.

Recruiting specialists add that work in Switzerland is tending toward increasing specialization in job definitions and that certain trades are tending to disappear or reinvent themselves, notably those in the field of facilities management.

Jobs in Swiss Construction industryConstruction in Switzerland is experiencing a substantial lack of qualified professionals and is attempting to attract more youths to enter the building industries, notably by trying to increase the number of students taking aprenticeships in construction and building trades.

It is difficult to know with exactitude the number of workers in the construction industry in Switzerland. Temporary jobs blur the statistics. The only certitude is that the number of jobs in construction and building in Switzerland is increasing continuously on the rising tide of a strong economy.

An inadequate supply of apprentices and newly trained workers in Switzerland has resulted in a shortage of labor and an increase in the average age of workers in construction. In Geneva and the canton of Vaud, economists are persuaded that the labor market is going to remain very tight with a surplus of jobs and companies continuing to have difficulty finding all the staff they need to fill their vacant jobs.

The hotel and restaurant industries continue to have difficulties recruiting enough qualified labor. In addition, the demands of the field are increasing, with more and more qualifications being looked for, such as varied experience and fluent English.

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