Proctor and Gamble – Major Geneva Employer

Posted on 29 May 2008 by Heidi

Proctor and Gamble has risen to become the 3rd largest employer in the canton of Geneva, responsible for more jobs in Geneva than any other company, except Migros and UBS. Specializing in beauty products, a sector showing strong growth over the past several years, Proctor and Gamble is a major actor offering work in Switzerland in the corporate world.

Last April in Geneva they had a recruitment event at their innovation center in Petit Lancy, where the manager of the Lacoste brand welcomed graduating students from across Europe and subjected them to a recruitment workshop in which they had to prove themselves by imagining a new ad campaign for the Brand to stimulate sales. The students were given the advice to take account of the diversity of the product line (casual T-shirts, dress shirts, perfumes,…) and to also consider how competing brands situate themselves –such as Armani or Calvin Klein — and were a set loose for the day with the admonition to be creative and generate enthusiasm.

Proctor and Gambles also owns beauty products brands like Lacoste

Divided into roughly 15 groups, the students compete for the entire day, through their proposals and ideas, for the attention of Proctor and Gamble’s recruiters. The workshop/recruitment trial is also promoted as a means for students to get a close-up look at the Proctor and Gamble corporate environment and have an idea of their work in Geneva should they join the company.

The second day of the 2-day event, the students are individually interviewed and the Recruiting Director gives out scores for the two-day trial. Our of 420 candidates who applied for the event, 100 were invited and 20 will receive an offer of employment to work in Geneva at the Proctor and Gamble offices, the headquarters for the beauty products line.

When Proctor and Gamble opened its doors in Geneva in 1999, they started with 250 employees. There are currently, less than 10 years later, more than 2500.

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