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Moving Assets to Switzerland

Posted on 05 February 2007 by Brucellus

The import into Switzerland of currencies that are legal tender is not subject to any particular restrictions. The circulation of financial assets (cash, securities and other assets) between Switzerland and the European Union is free, and their import into Switzerland is not subject to any disclosure requirements and is therefore duty-free.

Vehicles imported as personal effects are admitted exempt from import duties, vehicle tax and VAT when the person importing the vehicle can prove that he has used the vehicle abroad for at least six months before the change of domicile to Switzerland.

The following documents must be presented to Customs: vehicle registration document, Identity card, Invoice or contract of sale, Declaration/Application for clearance of household effects A document proving change of domicile (residence permit, employment contract, lease, etc.), the document Kraftfahrzeugbrief needs to be attached (If the vehicle has a German licence plate); the document Foglio complementare ( if it has an Italian licence plate). After entering Switzerland, you are required to register the vehicle must for a complete technical check at the department of motor vehicles in your (commune/canton) area.

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