New Training Academy Opens for Television Careers

Posted on 19 December 2008 by Papessa

In Lausanne, TV talk show and game show hosting as well as newscasting (which has more or less become convergent with gameshow hosting with regards to the required skill sets), screenwriting, and producing are now the subject of serious schooling in the canton of Vaud.

Beginning in January 2009, Lausanne’s AccèsStudio is offering a full training program to prepare would-be audiovisual professionals for careers in television, in particularly hosting.

Twenty students will be chosen (assuming at least 20 apply) for the program which will extend over 20 weekends each consisting of 16 hours of coursework.

For a tuition of CHF 10,000, the students will have coaches from Paris as well as native Swiss coaches who will teach writing for television, as well as leading debates, hosting, creating program concepts, as well as developing one’s screen presence and other topics.

The objective (at least for the students) is to provide job opportunities in television. Jobs in TV production and programming are hard to come by in Switzerland, as the state subsidized TV networks have a stranglehold on Jobs in Television - School for TV hosts in Lausanne

the audiovisual market.

Residents in possession of any piece of electronics capable of receiving television programming are summarily taxed CHF 500 / year in a legal racketeering scheme which brings in over $ 1 billion / year to the designated state channels. There are few professional alternatives outside of the state networks and getting a foot in the door of a career in television is very difficult. Knowing someone influential on the inside can secure you at least a temporary job.

In the absence of connection, the new TV school is designed to help young professionals get a job in the Television industry.

Classes will take place at the Hotel Alpha Palmier and recording sessions will be done at Rouge-TV. As to whether or not the training program will open doors to jobs at the TV stations,
the School’s directory are enthusiastic.

After the announcement of AccèsStudio’s new private tuition, the ever-proactive TSR (the state TV station for the French-speaking part of Switzerland) announced that they will be reviewing the training they give their TV hosts.

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