Permit for EU Citizens Across the Border

Posted on 05 February 2007 by LegalBeagle

If you have an employment contract for a year or longer in Switzerland, you obtain a residence permit that is valid for five years. This permit is also a guarantee for professional and geographical movement, which allows you to accept a different job from the one you had when you arrived in Switzerland, to change your place of work or to become self-employed. To obtain this permit, you need to take the same steps for obtaining a short-term residence permit (see above). On presentation of an employment contract for a year or longer, your residence permit will be extended for an additional period of five years. The extension may, however, be limited to a year if you have been unemployed, against your will, for more than twelve months in succession.

Your status as a European citizen theoretically gives you the right to settle in Switzerland and to set up your own business, provided that you do so assuming full responsibility and at your own risk. Regulations are different depending on whether you have an L or a B permit.

All EU citizens can claim the status of a ‘cross-border commuter.’

This status comes with the obligation to return home on a weekly basis. If you have an employment contract for at least a year, you will receive a cross-border commuter permit for five years. There is the possibility to set up your own business. Also, you may (is it is in connection with your work) acquire a second home as well as work space in Switzerland. During the first five years you have the right of professional and geographical movement within the cross-border zones, which will be eliminated as of 1 June 2007.

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