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Posted on 05 February 2007 by Brucellus

Thinking of retiring to Switzerland? Switzerland accords residence permits on a selective basis. But if you or your spouse has a EU passport, it’s relatively easy now. For the fast-track, you should meet one of these conditions:
Have an EU passport (you or spouse)
Be retired (no day-to-day responsibilities)
Have an annual income of over 50,000 CHF
Live in Switzerland for at least 180 days (some exceptions possible if in good faith)
The benefits of a Swiss residence are sundry:
You can live in Switzerland with your spouse, financially dependent descendants and ascendants (children, parents, grand-parents, nephews, nieces, great-grand-children, etc…).
You can buy Swiss real estate without restrictions
You get straightaway a special CE permit valid for 5 years! And of course the standard of living is very high.
The Retired and the Independently wealthy get a lump-sum taxation.
If you qualify, you pay only a fixed sum of taxes every year, unrelated to what you really earn or own. In most cantons, you even don’t need to fill out a proper tax return. To qualify, you need to be a Swiss resident and not to have economic activities within Switzerland.
A popular formula for international actors, venture capitalists and jet-setters….
There are currently major polemics going on since the arrival of French popstar Johnny Holday in Gstaad and British singer James Blunt.

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