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Permits to Study

Posted on 06 February 2007 by Monkster

If you are a Liechtenstein national, a recognized political refugee, a foreigner residing in Switzerland ( and either you or your parents have a Swiss work permit for at least five years or you are the child of a diplomat) you will be treated just like a Swiss candidate. Otherwise, If you are already enrolled in a university in your country, inquire about multilateral agreements (such as ERASMUS) or bilateral agreements between your university and a Swiss university. You have to be at least 18 years of age and have a good knowledge of the official language of instruction where you want to study. You should also possess a state-recognized Swiss maturity certificate or a foreign certificate recognized as being equivalent. All Swiss university-level institutions are autonomous in their recognition of certificates and in their decision to admit candidates.
First you need to contact in writingthe university of your choice to request admission to study. You need to submit the following documents with your application: a copy of your degree, a baccalauréat or other school-leaving certificate. Copies of any college or university certificates and examination marks together with an official statement about the content of your studies and a detailed Curriculum Vitae.

Second, when you have received confirmation of acceptance by a Swiss university, contact the Swiss Consultate in your home country for information on entry formalities. In general, besides your passport, you will need proof that you have been accepted by a Swiss university and a guarantee of sufficient financial means to support yourself during your studies. In addition, you will have to produce a Curriculum Vitae stating your reasons for wanting to pursue your studies in Switzerland. The Swiss authorities will also check to ensure that you return to your country once you have completed your studies.

Be careful: tourist visas cannot be processed into student residence permits after your arrival in Switzerland.
When you arrive, you will have to again produce the same documents for the Police and give your address in Switzerland. Your residence permit must be renewed each year.
If you hold a certificate that is only partly recognized or are asked by the university to take an entrance examination, you can sit the examination in Fribourg. It is held twice a year (June and October). There is a special course designed to prepare students for the entrance examination is held in Fribourg between October and end June. You should contact

Fribourg preparatory courses, Route du Jura 1, CH – 1700 Fribourg.

Exceptions to the above are the Ecoles Polytechniques Fédérales in Lausanne and Zurich (Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology) which organize their own entrance examinations. Application deadlines for Zurich are mid-January for the February session and mid-July for the September session. Deadlines for Lausanne are end May for the summer session and mid-August for the autumn session. Lausanne also offers a one-year preparatory course.

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