Finding an Apartment

Posted on 06 February 2007 by Heidi

For a newcomer to Switzerland in 2006, it is difficult to find affordable housing. Compared to France, Italy and Germany, the cost of living in Switzerland is quite high. Housing in Switzerland is becoming increasing difficult to find, especially in major urban centers. There is a shortage of land for building and many people want to live in the same area, the popular urban centers — notably Zurich, Basel, Geneva, Lugano and Lausanne. Rents are high — around 25 to 33 percent of average net income. Most foreigners living and working in Switzerland rent housing. Local newspapers usually have properties for rent in their Wednesday and weekend editions. There are also free newspapers dedicated solely to real estate. The GHI is one popular free weekly which circulates in the Geneva area.
It is just as difficult for Swiss and for already residents of Switzerland to find accomodation when they move to another place in Switzerland !
We moved to the Geneva area from Wintertur. We made 4 months to find a nice 4-room apartment. It costs SF 1950.
We were spending in Winterthur SF 1300 for our apartment of about the same size and type of standing.

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