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Summary of the Ways

Posted on 06 February 2007 by LegalBeagle

There are various permit types and different ways to obtain them, depending of the purpose of your residence in Switzerland. If you are going to Switzerland with the intention to work, you must find first a job to get the permit. If you plan to come to Switzerland to study then you need to first find a school, the procedure for which has been described elsewhere here I think – in the end, you’re still in a permit-seeking process, contingent this time on finding a school instead of an employer.

But if you intend to come to Switzerland with the purpose to start your own company, then usually you will not have problems related with getting the Residence Permit.

In addition,if you have money, and want to just live in Switzerland on your own funds (unearned in Switzerland), that’s another avenue. If your declared income is high enough and you intend to live in Switzerland, and therefore not only to use this country as a fiscal and mail address, then you can apply for the B permit, that is a permission of residence which has an annual duration and gives you the right to live in Switzerland for one year. At the same time, you pay significantly lower taxes then in other European countries. In such cases generally one foreigner should be making a yearly income over CHF 150’000.– with that, you can usually get the Residence Permit and in this case the tax is about 30%.

Another way to get the Residence permit to stay in Switzerland is to marry a Swiss citizen and in this way to obtain the permission immediately; after 5 years you can obtain Swiss citizenship, assuming you’re still with your spouse.

Swiss asylum policy complies with the international conventions signed in this matter, in particular the 1949 Geneva Conventions. All refugees have the right to protection and it is forbidden to send them back to their country if their lives are threatened.

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