Looking for work for my gf

Posted on 08 February 2007 by CliveandRejane

Hi All,

Rejane and I have just moved here because of my work and although I have a job Rejane is also looking to find work here in Switzerland.

she is a qualified personal trainer and fitness instructur who speaks English, French, and Chinese -and is now currently studying German. In the UK she gave classes to people who wanted to get into shape right through to those who wanted to get very fit. She also finished in the top 10% in last years London Triathlon. Being totally new to Switzerland we have no idea of how to go about setting Rejane up with a teaching job. Does anyone have any ideas or know of any groups that we could contact etc. ? Rejane is also qualified to teach post- and pre- natal excercise to help women prepare for or recover from having kids.

Is there a market for this type of thing in Switzerland???

Any advice really gratefully received.


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