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Workplace Sexual Harassment

Posted on 09 February 2007 by LegalBeagle

Switzerland is moving into the modern age of workplace legislation and enforcement.

Much less litigious than the United States, Switzerland does not have big-money tort cases and, as a rule, corporate entities get away with a lot.

A sign of the changing times is the recent judgement in the Geneva courts–first of its kind– for sexual harassment brought by a married male executive against his female director. The middle-age executive, who had accepted an executive role at a courrier company, arrived to discover his lady boss was was recently divorced and excessively attentive.

Over the ensuing six months, she became more and more attentive. The executive was definitively not interested. His boss’s response was to fire him.

In the first case of its kind — a male to claim workplace sexual harassment by a female superior– the executive was awarded slightly less than $100,000.

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