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Work in Switzerland, information about salaries

Posted on 23 February 2009 by Gaffer

“What salary should I request for a job in Switzerland?” — it’s a question a lot of people from outside Switzerland try to answer. Salaries in Switzerland are higher than elsewhere? Myth or reality?

Most surveys estimate that salaries in Switzerland for skilled workers are generally two or three times higher than in most other European countries. In 2006, the salary in Switzerland averaged 5674 Swiss Francs, it’s approximately 68k Swiss francs per year. So, Switzerland has a relatively high level of pay. However, the Swiss cost of living is also very high compared with countries in the EU.

For job positions like executives, experts, managers and specialists, the average salary ranges from 4700 (Hotels, Restaurant…) to 11,220 Swiss francs (banking and financial sector). The most qualified earn almost 7400 Swiss francs, averaging all sectors of activity together.

In 2006, the best salary was on the banking and financial sector but with the global economic crisis and recessionist tendencies, probably the average salary will go down. Though it isn’t certain since a lot of banks have been giving out bonuses during the crisis. Top management may have some trouble but since they earn a lot more than any employers one can’t predict the future salary in this sector.

salaries in Switzerland

You can’t convert you’re current salary to swiss francs, indeed… it’s the same job but you must take into account the cost of living in Switzerland. Your net pay will be higher in Switzerland than in France: all social security deductions – pension systems, unemployment insurance represent 13-15% of the salary and it’s about 23% in France.
In Switzerland, payroll taxes related to health insurance are paid in full by the company but you have to pay your contribution to health insurance (LaMal)… it’s mandatory so you need to purchase one.
Between 2005 and 2006, the salary has increased in Switzerland by 0.1% (all professions and sectors). Maybe you think, it’s the crisis in 2008 so we can use this statistics of the SFO (2006). Actually it’s right; some studies indicate for 2008 a pay increase of 2.6% over the previous year.
The government has made available on Internet some tools to calculate salary for a region
Salary in Geneva
Average Salary in Switzerland
If you’re a job seeker looking for an opportunity in Switzerland feel free to upload your CV on

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