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Life in Zurich

Posted on 14 February 2007 by Papessa

The Scene in Switzerland has come a long way from the days of yodelling. For those of you considering making Zurich your new home, here are some addresses. I invite colleagues and readers to leave cool addresses and things to check-out in comments to this posting. The moderator will put interesting ones up as posts in their own right.

The Adagio Nightclub at the Gotthardstrasse 5, 8002 Zürich/ZH 044 206 36 66 is a popular spot and attracts a well-dressed conservative crowd over 35. The club has dress standards for its clientele and its own staff wear amusing ancient costumes. The club is decorated like a church, with candles and flowers, and its often packed on the weekends. The music is ballroom dance style.

The Palais X-tra, on Limmatsrasse 118, phone 01/448-15-00 is a huge cavernous nightclub, with an extremely long bar and high ceilings. Also an outdoor terrace and restaurant facilities which are not as popular as the bar and rock-and-roll club that keep the place packed. The live acts and DJ nights draw a counterculture crowd. This is a trendy address for a clientele mainly in their 20′s.

The Nightclub Indochine, on Limmastrasse 275, Telephone: 0041 (0)1 448 11 11 is a ‘Paris in the Orient’ theme club on two floors that’s been around for many years. Highly styled, this club tries to project ‘Attitude’ and look like the kind of exclusive place where celebrities may be lurking. But it’s mainly just a well-decorated place for the affluent. The crowd tends to be older cigar-smoking beyond-the-hill yuppies and corporate finance types patting their gelled hair and discussing mergers and acquisitions. A more exclusive crowd congregates at the moment at Club Diagonal General-Guisan-Quai 8, 8002 Zürich/ZH 044 201 24 10.

There are a variety of small DJ clubs and venues like Saeulenhalle, Z33, Katakombe, Ex-It/Flamingo, D-Lite, Picante, Cubik, Sunshine, Halloween Party, Riverside, and Star Club.

Also, for the English expatriate community, there are several places to find used english books: Caritas Kunst & Krempel, Birmensdorferstrasse 53, 8004 Zurich is a small charity shop with a few shelves of english books at the back of the shop, but with a quick turnover and the books about a £1 each Buecher Brocky, Bederstrasse 4 (entrance via Gutenbergstasse.) is an enormous second hand bookshop, with a whole aisle of English books, also about £1 – £2 per book. Another place for english books is the main Zurich Brockenhaus behind the HB (Neugasse 11). On the second floor, and there’s a whole shelf of english books (more expensive here than the Bruecker Brocky, but the quality is better). The Pestalozzi Library has a good selection of English books & DVDs Works by annual membership (£15 / £10 student) or you can just borrow for a month for CHF 10. Take ID with you. They also have occassional booksales. The Pestalozzi library is on Zähringerstrasse 17. Lastly, for perusing, there is the ZentralBibliothek -the combined Zurich and University library. There’s no cost to join and it’s got a cool cafeteria and lots of working spaces.

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