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Swissair management team may face jail time

Posted on 20 February 2007 by LegalBeagle

swissair in its heyday

In Zurich the erst executive committee at Swissair are on trial for mis-management. The public prosecutor in Zurich has asked for prison terms from 6 to 28 months and fines of up to a million francs (the individuals involved are quite rich).

The most serious sentence was requested for Mario Corti, the last chief executive at Swissair; the prosecutor asked for 28 months in jail with at least 6 months served. The severity of the request may have something to do with the fact that only Mr. Corti dared to speak and argue in his defense, bringing reams of documents to the courtroom in support thereof.

The defendents exercised their rights to remain silent. Philippe Brugisser, who was chief executive for 6 years, right up to 2001, and who presided over the sundry hilariously irrelevant or underperforming assets acquired by the national carrier, escaped with the light recommendation for a 15 month suspended sentence and 400,000 francs fine. The prosecutor further requested a sentence of 8 months suspended for Eric Honegger, who presided over the administration council of the SAirGroup. For the rest of the bunch, the prosecution asked for suspended sentences of 6-10 months.

All in all, nothing to compare to the American Enron scandal.

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