Yahoo moving infrastructure to Geneva

Posted on 19 March 2007 by Brucellus

Yahoo plans to make Geneva one of its most important sites, taking advantage of the high quality dense fiber optic network and the stability of the electricity grid.

With Google set up in Zurich and Yahoo in Geneva, the oportunities for tech jobs in systems, development, and networks has expanded once again.

Officially, Yahoo is installing a server farm of over 7000 machines, to be set up at Plan-les-Ouates. The site will be a critical data storage center occupying a surface of about 1200 m2. The servers will be installed at the locale operated by Safe Host.

The Geneva network is supposed to function as a portal for Spain, France and northern Europe.
The network’s lines follow the railroad tracks and the autoroutes, as well as crossing the lakes. Data is distributed to Germany and Austria via Zurich, as well as to the USA via the Netherlands and Great Britain.

It turns out that data providers such as Yahoo are highly dependent on telecoms providers’ infrastructures and the electricity network. Switzerland is one of the few European coutnries that actually produces a surplus of electricity (and resells its excess on the European markets). Geneva also has a large computing center near the airport.

The director of Safe Host, Gerard Siklas, reports that more than just the quality of the fiber optic network and the electricity grid, the flexible Swiss labor market, and the general desirability of the location. Needless to say, the Geneva Department of the Economy is overjoyed that Yahoo is moving into Geneva. However, when questioned, they admitted that they expected only a few dozen jobs to be created in the short term. But if Yahoo decides to make Geneva their European Headquarters as they appear to be planning, there will be several hundred jobs created.

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