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Student Information and Recruitment Fairs

Posted on 29 March 2007 by pit

In Lausanne the “Salon des Etudiants” took off with almost 6000 attending the event which took place Wednesday 28th and today (Thursday 29th) at the Palais de Beaulieu. The organizer, Alex Herren, who founded the website (check it out!) said that, “the big advantage of this sort of rendez-vous is the diversity of the job offers and the attendees.”

There were 85 exhibitors and the Salon’s objectives were to orient, advise and offer professional recuitment possibilities as well as university study programs.

The Salon seeks to respond to the demand of students for information and opportunities concerning Masters Programs, trade or apprenticeship possibilities, how/where to study in Switzerland, professional orientation for employment, How to go about studying abroad, How to find a language study program, How to find an internship with a company, or simply how to find job opportunities.

student fairsUniversities, Technology Institutes, the “Hautes Ecoles,” and the Public Services Organizations were all present trying to attract prospective employees.

The Event was also peppered with offers for Student evenings at certain Lausanne nightclubs and big cigarette manufacturer which shall remain nameless set up a discrete kiosk with special offers on its products.

The Salon also had workshops run by recruiters on how to write up a good c.v. and how to present oneself at interviews. Similar events occur at this time of year in Zurich at the Polytechnic and in Lugano. The workshops provide an edge to obtaining the most desirable jobs, career opportunities, and study programs leading to high-level professional employment.

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