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Finding Work in Switzerland : mining the Internet job sites

Posted on 07 April 2007 by info

There are a variety of websites that facilitate identifying and applying for job opportunities within Switzerland. A selection of the prominent ones are described below.

Work-in-Switzerland also regularly posts a sampling of job offers across Switzerland — usually on a bi-weekly basis. Our job board permits those interesting in surveying the employment marketplace to get an idea of some of the jobs currently being recruited.And we also supply the contact information in case you wish to follow up on the opportunity. See our postings concerning job application procedures and culture in Switzerland for an overview for the type of documents and the format of the c.v. expected by recruiters and Human Resources officials who will read your job application. Our listing is a very small snapshot of employment opportunities at any given time and is designed to simply highlight a few positions currently up for recruitment. The web sites summarized below are all specialized in recruitment for the Swiss marketplace, differing only in quality, employment sector, enterprise clientele, and frequency of usage by job candidates.

Monster is the largest online recruitment site; it links into the worldwide sie for those seeking international employment in Switzerlandopportunities.

Jobpilot was recently purchased by Monster so you’re more or less at the same store. The jobpilot ‘brand’ has been kept going by Monster in parallel with their own site. Jobpilot and its monster parent are global sites. is a local romandie (swiss-french) site convenient for finding a job in French speaking Switzerland.

JobScout24 is a Switzerland-wide site with employment offers across all sectors. is a popular site for the French-speaking part of Switzerland and was one of the first sites to be launched. Most of the ads however are placed by interim, placement, and recruitment agencies rather than by big-name enterprises. is still another site for Romandie.

Science Jobs
For academic jobs and jobs in teaching and higher education, science jobs is the job exchange. The advertisers are mainly technology institutes, research institutes, administration, ‘hautes écoles,’ and such. This is the address for academic jobs of all kinds.

finding jobs in SwitzerlandA specialized Swiss site for academic job exchange is telejob. This is one of the key places to go for things like graduate students jobs r assistantships. There are teaching jobs and academic institutional jobs of all kinds. ETH rich (AVETH) and Lausanne (ACIDE) another good address for the Swiss Internet Job Market although you have to be in the mood to put up with a lot of German. If you’re looking for work in the Swiss – German cantons and already have made inroads into the language, this is a good site for you. is said to be the best Swiss site for employment as regards managers, executives, specialists et cadres: Switzerland’s leading website for managerial, professional and technical positions

Interactive Job Offer is an electronic job market supported by the Placement Office of the University of St.Gallen (HSG).

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