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Posted on 11 April 2007 by Papessa

The luxury industry is one of the hottest sectors of the Swiss economy and numerous career opportunities exist. Job offers are particularly numerous in watchmaking, micromechanics, design, marketing and sales, and branding. The increasing profitability of the Swiss luxury watch and jewelry industry had created thousands of new jobs. Job offers and employment opportunities are growing in the Swiss luxury industry. There are many openings for diverse professionals from watch movement designers, to brand specialists, architects and designers, sales, marketing experts, and HR staff. Visiting the websites of the major Swiss luxury brands permits job seekers to apply directly to the employing company without going through a recuitment agency. However, recruitment and employment agencies can be advantageous in that they can often obtain the candidate an interview he might not otherwise have gotten.

A sign of the prosperity of the industry and opportunity therein for finding employment in Switzerland is the Baselworld Fair.

Swiss employment oportunities and high paying jobsThe prestigious Baselworld assembly for the world of luxury timepieces and jewelry will take place from Wednesday at the Mustermesse in Basel, reuniting the elite circle of luxury brands. The fair runs until 19 April and there are 2100 exhibitors from the world of brand name chronometers and jewelry and represent an important sector of employment in Switzerland. The fair expects at least 100,000 visitors. Many of the major brands and distributors are actively seeking to recruit profiles in design, branding, coordination, sales and marketing, and HR. The fair itself creates many jobs in the decoration and design fields.

The Fair is also an opportunity for jobseekers in the luxury industry to prospect future employers. At the fair will be present retailers, wholesalers, suppliers, and specially invited clients as well as the exhibitors.

The Fair is especially an opportunity to conclude contracts and in the luxury watch making industry the elite brands can do 50% of the sales in the 8 days of the Fair. Companies often produce one-of-a-kind pieces for sale at the Fair whose fabrication can take several months. The majority of orders are passed in Basel. However, some brands like Tissot do only 10% of their sales at the Fair. The Fair is also an opportunity for professionals working or interested in working in the luxury sector to look for employment and try to land a job offer.

The luxury industry in Switzerland is constantly seeking qualified candidates for employment and several specialty schools and institutions have recently been planned in an effort to train more qualified personnel.

Following rapidly on the opening of Baselworld is the SIHH in Geneva, a much more select fair in which there are only 16 companies exhibiting and representing rather a highly select group of very elite and expensive brands. The Geneva SIHH is juried and the cost of exhibiting is very high, with some brands paying several million dollars in exhibition costs.

The Swatch brands exhibit at Basel, whereas the Richemont brands exhibit in Geneva.

There is some talk of merging the two fairs. Both fairs present ample opportunities for the job seeker in the luxury industry for making connections that can lead to a key offer of employment at a prestigious brand.

Employment opportunities in the Swiss luxury industry have ballooned and there is talk of even launching specialized websites for recruitment for that luxury watch industry.

high salaries in the Swiss luxury industryWatches have have become an accepted form of jewelry for men, and there is no sign of a let-up in demand. Some of the sorts of job titles and candidate profiles that are actively sought for the Swiss luxury industry are : Managers of professional training, watchmakers, logistics managers, quality control personnel, and computer professionals for ERP software.

Most of the luxury brands post job opportunities directly to their websites.

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