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Studying or Working in Swiss Schools …

Posted on 12 March 2007 by info

Since it is possible to visit Switzerland with a 3-month tourist visa in order to look for employment, many people seek work in switzerland or Swiss study opportunities while touring.

To the candidate thinking of selecting a school while visiting Switzerland on a tourist visa: as a rule, the best institutions are those which have been established longest. The oldest institutions are often the best organized, have the most interesting student bodies and the best working conditions.

Hotel Schools
There are many schools that are not regulated and/or do not meet international standards. A short-list of well-established Swiss schools can be found on the website of the Swiss Hotel Schools Association (ASEH).

One advantage to studying (or working) in a Swiss Hotel School is that you will doubtless develop a seasoned palette for a variety of international cuisines. In the work and study environment of the Swiss hospitality industry, one can expect to experience a wide variety of world cuisines as well as meet a wide selection of international students. Meeting people from around the world is part of the fun of studying at a Swiss Hotel School.

Boarding Schools
There are a great many famous private boarding schools, which are oriented to students between the ages of 10 – 20 years old. These schools offer a solid educational preparation for university study. Many of the alumni go on to important achievements in business or politics. Of course, many of the students already come from renowned familiesin entertainment, business, or government. To pursue information about boarding school, see the: Swiss Federation of Private Schools (SFPS), Hotelgasse 1, Postfach 245, CH-3000 Bern 7, Tel. +41-31-328 4050 Fax. +41-31-328 4045, E-mail: Website: There are over 250 schools under the SPFS umbrella, including the most venerable in the country. SPFS gives neutral, objective information on the various school programs and will help you find a suitable school.

Language Schools
There are innumerable language schools as well as language programs at the many Swiss universities. There are also summer and winter camps offering language instruction. tThe best source of information for these is the:
Swiss Federation of Private Schools (SFPS), Hotelgasse 1, Postfach 245, CH-3000 Bern 7, Tel. +41-31-328 4050 Fax. +41-31-328 4045, E-mail: Website:

Living in Switzerland
Keep in mind that living expenses for a student in Switzerland are on the order of about CHF 2000 / month

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