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Luxury industry creating more jobs

Posted on 17 April 2007 by info

Looking for a job in Switzerland ? Job seekers looking to find work in Switzerland should consider looking for employment in the luxury industry. The careers opportunities in the Swiss luxury industry are growing exponentially.

The luxury watch industry has moved into the forefront as one of the hottest sectors of the Swiss economy. If you looking for a job in the french speaking part of Switzerland — in Geneva, the luxury industry is now as important economically as the banking industry. Employment opportunities and jobs in the luxury watch and jewelry industry have grown three times faster than in previous years, creating a steady flow of new jobs and opportunities for professional work in Switzerland, and also overheating the job market.

The SIHH salon is a key symbol of the health of Swiss luxury industry, an index of the sector’s health, the number of jobs being created and the diversity of employment opportunities. In terms of numbers of jobs and taxes collected, the industry now contributes almost as much as

swiss job market for professionals in luxury industry explosion of employment in the luxury sector demand for swiss luxury watches creates new jobs

the banks to the Geneva economy. Recruitment agencies are starting to specialize in finding qualified staff for the luxury watch brands and plans for more specialized job training institutes are in the works, creating study opportunities as well. This is a key sector in which to look for jobs in Switzerland. How does the candidate from abroad find a job in Switzerland ?

Candidates looking for work in Switzerland and job opportunities in Swiss cities can check directly on Swiss-based recruitment websites. Some of them are specialized in career opportunities or jobs in the luxury sector. Both high-end recruitment websites like MichaelPage and more popular general sites like Jobup or Monster carry daily job advertisments and employment opportunities.

The luxury industries have shown a growth of more than 175% since the 1980’s. For more than two years, the new rich from emerging economies are spending on luxury products. The companies based in Geneva are particularly active in the high-end of the luxury industry – brands such as Vacheron Constantin, Piaget, Roger Dubuis, Chopard, and Grisogono. (In 2006, over 25% of the growth in sales was due to China. Russia and the Ukraine, as well as India are also contributing strongly to demand.) Employment in this sector is growing very fast.

There are numerous jobs and employment opportunities in Switzerland in the luxury industry. How does one get a job at a prestigious luxury brand ? The first step is to consult their websites. New jobs are posted daily to the corporate websites of the major brands and we often excerpt some of them to call our readers attention to these Company job boards.

The Geneva Chamber of Commerce reports that 30% of the Swiss luxury industry receipts are generated in the Canton of Geneva. There are 75 watch making companies registered in Geneva, responsible for thousands of jobs. The projected growth for 2007 is over 40%.

The Swiss luxury watch business is 95% exports. In 2006, exports of luxury watches reached 13.7 billion out of a total of CHF 180 billion, which means that the luxury watch industry represents about 8% of the national GNP. The sector is a very important contibutor of employment, providing thousands of jobs across multiple professional areas.

41,000 people work in Switzerland in the luxury watch sector. Employment growth in the sector was three times as large in Geneva than elsewhere with 500 new jobs created in 2006. There are approximately 8500 people employed in the branch in the canton of Geneva.

Swiss employment oportunities and high paying jobs

The luxury watch industry is a sector very much anchored in know-how and high-technology. The branch is confronting a penury of qualified labor that is impacting its ability to respond to increased demand. There is a strong need for trades like mechanics, master watch makers specialized in complications, and many other professions. Job offers are posted daily to company and recruitment agency websites.

Besides the luxury industry, the majority of opportunities in Switzerland are in finance and accounting jobs, bank jobs, and IT , tech, and pharmaceutical industry jobs. Job seekers should watch our job board for hints on which companies are now hiring and which company websites to check for new job openings.

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