New Humanitarian Organization to be based in Geneva

Posted on 20 April 2007 by info

find a job in Geneva - public service and humanitarian

Those seeking Swiss job opportunities in public administration, international civil service, or non-governmental organizations have many job offers in the Geneva area due to the presence of the United Nations and its satellite system of organizations.

Professional jobs across the whole recruitment spectrum attract candidates from all over the world.

A new international organization will be opened in Geneva this September, adding to the long list of international organizations, foundations and humanitarian employers based in Switzerland and creating more employment and career opportunities in Switzerland.

The United Nations, international and nongovernmental organizations and related structures are responsible for close to 20,000 jobs. The International Organizations recruit staff from all over the world and have job vacancies across all disciplines.

The new organization will be an international humanitarian organization, based on the formula of the World Economic Forum, and will be headed by Kofi Annan, the erst Secretary-General of the United Nations. Little is known at this time about the scope of the new organization, nor how many jobs will be created, but it is expected that the organization will organize annual forums and mobilize the world’s powerful for humanitarian causes.

The World Economic Forum employs roughly 200 people at its campus in Cologny. The Forum is an important Leman area employer also constantly seeking to recruit top professionals for event organization, coordination, marketing, logistics, and other positions. For candidates from abroad looking for a job in Switzerland, it is worth while to look at the job offers on the WEF website.

The new humanitarian organization will be seated in the Villa Rigot, just next to the Palais des Nations. As soon as there is a website or address to which employment and career inquiries can be made or job postings can be seen, we will inform our readership so that they can address their employment inquiries.

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