Lack of Specialists in Switzerland on the Job Market

Posted on 25 April 2007 by info

According to a survey just made public by, nearly 60% of large Swiss companies are planning 10 or more new job recruitments. One in five of the companies surveyed responded they would be hiring for at least 50 new positions.

One thousand of the largest Swiss companies took part in the survey and the results indicate that opportunities for job seekers in professional fields are increasing. In parallel the survey found that the number of specialists in a variety of job fields is shrinking. The phenomenon has resulted in more and more companies recruiting abroad. More than a third of the surveyed companies indicated having accorded large emphasis on international recruitment in 2006 for its Swiss jobs and two-thirds of Swiss companies indicated that they would continue to recruit internationally for their open positions and career opportunities in Switzerland.

Candidates looking for employment in Switzerland and job seekers wishing to relocate to Switzerland or change jobs to another Swiss employer should look at the popular job search websites like jobwinner, monster, jobup, jobpilot, topjobs, qual, executivesearch, and many others. You can apply for work in Switzerland directly online through one of these websites.

The role of the internet in Swiss job recruitment has continued to grow. Seven out of ten employment offers are published on the web and half appear on recruitment websites.

From the point of view of job seekers, over 40% found employment via the internet. Swiss employment websites such as jobup, topjobs, adecco, monster, and executive-search cater to the recruitment and professional job placement market. The proportion of employment in Switzerland and job exchanges that is internet-based continue to grow but there remains a significant, though minor, component of Swiss job openings which are advertised in printed media.

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