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More Pharma Jobs in Vevey

Posted on 16 November 2008 by Hans-T

Pharmaceutical giant Merck Serono is extending its Romandy-based biotechnology facilities, building a new center in Corsier-sur-Vevey and dadding several hundred new jobs.

Merck, founded in Germany in the 17th century, acquired Serono from the Bertarelli family in 2006 for over $10 billion last year in a highly publicized acquisition.

Merck Serono will spend roughly half a billion Swiss francs to construct a 3rd and fourth biotech center.

The new centers are to allow Merck Serono to design special molecules for treating various pathologies such as colon cancer. By 2012 Merck expects to ramp up production of Erbitux – a new cancer drug.

The arrival of the new centers was not without controversy – various associations like Greenpeace and WWF unsuccessfully fought the construction of the new buildings, mainly over the issue of genetic modification of organisms and problem of disposal of bio-organisms (particularly in the water).

Jobs in Vevey - Pharmaceuticals - Merck Serono

But the opposing arguments of economic benefits for the region and job creation won out.

The two sides ultimately compromised with the pharmaceutical giant agreeing to make public the data on any pollutants and the water purifying facilities in the area were improved.

With the new center in Vevey, which already houses Nestle’s lakeside world headquarters, 200 new jobs will be added to the already existing 300 jobs in the current facilities.

The headquarters of Merck Serono are in Geneva, and they provide jobs for researchers, scientists, engineers, biologists and laboratory workers.

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Novartis has record profitability – more jobs in Basel

Posted on 25 October 2008 by Hans-T

Outside of the banks and finance companies, there are many sectors of the Swiss economy that are only minimally affected by the financial crisis and continue to show a growth of jobs in Switzerland.

Consider the case of Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis, based in Basel. A Spokesperson for Novartis said this week that Novartis has no exposure whatever to insolvent financial institutions. The group’s figures for the first three quarters show a 12% increase in profitability over last year for a total of $31.4 billion, and a net profit of $7.25 billion. Novartis’ profitability rose by 19% compared to the same period last years, with the 3rd quarter’s results 32% higher over last year’s. Most of the Swiss employment provided by Novartis are jobs in Basel.

The pharmaceutical giant owes its resplendent financial fortunes to the effects of change as well as its global restructuring, in which more than 2500 jobs (mainly outside of Switzerland) were eliminated worldwide.

The multinational drug company, which contributes to the considerable amount of research and engineering work in Basel, has recently been launching an array of new medicines to counter the pressures from the increasing number of generic drugs competing with established Jobs in Basel - Pharmaceuticals - Novartis

pharmaceutical products. Over the last 9 months alone Novartis launched nearly 100 new drugs to offset the losses expected from generics competing with established patented medicines such as Diovan (for hypertension) which by itself is responsible for $5 billion in sales. Nonetheless, analysts say it will not be before 2010 that these new products will reach their full sales potentials. The increased revenue is expected to feed demand for increased research and development work in Switzerland.

Jobs in Basel - PharmaceuticalsAcross the Atlantic, where like its competitors, Novartis got the green light from the American FDA, sales have declined a modest 4%. But Novartis has offset these modest declines with huge gains in emerging economies (+17%) as well as in Europe where sales are up 7%.

Analysts have expressed a bullish attitude on Novartis, noteworthy especially in this period of market turbulence, and continue to recommend buying Novartis stock, considered to be a strong long term investment. Wegelin bank analysts say the stock is a ‘sure value,’ and some analysts see the stock rising above CHF 70.

For Basel, Novartis continues to provide a large number of jobs in Basel and to contribute substantially to tax revenues.

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Job Offers in Geneva

Posted on 11 September 2007 by info

In Switzerland, Geneva continues to have a strong demand across most sectors for highly skilled professionals, the strength of the demand inversely proportional to the number of housing properties available.

This week we note a few offers across biotechnology, luxury watchmaking, and the public sector.

NOVIMMUNE , a Geneva-based drug development company active in the development of therapeutic agents and antibodies in the fields of immuno-related disorders and inflammation, is currently seeking to recruit a Finance Controller for its Geneva offices.

The candidate sought for this job opening is an experienced professional with several years work experience and strong interest in biotechnology.

The person to be recruited for this job will be responsible for the monthly financial statements according to Swiss GAAP and IFRS and

the establishment of the annual budget. Also the Controller will have an active role in special projects such as the implementation of reporting tools and corporate transactions.

The candidate for this job must have a university degree in finance and be fluent in French and English, as well as have experience working with the latest accounting technologies and databases. An ability to work independently as well as in a team es essential, as is excellent communication skills, strong organizational and interpersonal skills.

Interested candidates can apply to Nathalie Miller, Director, Human Resources, NOVIMMUNE SA, 14 chemin des Aulx, 1228 Plan-les-Ouates, or by email to :

ROLEX is currently seeking to recruit for its Production Division a Project Manager for its laboratory chemistry unit. The recruited project manager will undertake technical assistance missions – analyses—

and projects in development, analytical methods, and industrial processes.

The candidate sought for this job vacancy is someone with a background in analytical chemistry, a doctorate in chemistry or the equivalent in experience (a chemical engineer with an analytical orientation), a specialization in the domain of analytical chemistry using chromatography and spectroscopy, experience in the domain of anaylsis of microquantities, a familiarity with polymers, washing procedures, and industrial cleaning.

The person to be recruited will have at least 10 years professional experience, excellent communication skills, rigor and logical approach, and a sense of initative and engagement

Interested candidates may apply directly to : Mme Sciretta, Ressources Humaines, ROLEX SA, Case Postale 120, 1228 Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva, Switzerland, or by email to :

The International Airport of Geneva is seeking a Salaries Manager for its Human Resources Department, responsible for the management and organization of a small team, taking care of the calculation and treatment of salaries and social charges, managing the payments of salaries, establishment and management of the budget for salaries, analyzing and developing new management projects for the Human Resources department.

The candidate to be recruited for this vacancy will have an accounting background and at least 5 years of experience in a similar position in a Human Resources department, have the ability to lead a team, have solid understanding of deductions and social charges (AVS, LPP, SUVA, etc.), master XP, WORD, EXCEL, Powerpoint and Ourlook, and be dynamic and discreet. A solid mastery of French is required.

Interested candidates may apply to : M. Olivier Deletraz, Human Resources, AEROPORT INTERNATIONAL DE GENEVE, Case Postale 100, 1215 Geneva 15, Switzerland.

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