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Employment Opportunities in Fribourg, Switzerland

Posted on 30 March 2007 by Sprecher

Job offers are to be found even in central Switzerland. Visit “Work-in-Switzerland” regularly for hints on where to look for information on thousands off permanent jobs, contract jobs and temporary jobs covering jobs in all industry sectors in Switzerland. The canton of Fribourg is boosting its industrial base and creating major new opportunities for employment for those abroad who wish to find work in Switzerland. The Director of Economic Promotion for the canton of Fribourg, Thierry Mauron, announced yesterday during a press conference that 2006 was an excellent year for the development of the Fribourg economy.

There are now 45 large companies based in Fribourg and the employment opportunities are increasing rapidly. This year a further 820 jobs in Fribourg are expected to be created. Twenty of the large companies in Fribourg are foreign multinationals. An example is Maxwell Technologies, which is a world leader in the manufacture of ultracondensors and high voltage electronics. The extension to their facilities recently cost $25 million.

In 2006 the total of investments in Fribourg was approximately $ 300 million, roughly double that spent in 2005. The steep rise was due to two large industrial expansion projects. The largest project was Sika at Guin. This company, active in specialty chemical products, injected more than $80 million into its new production facility.

Among other companies installed in Fribourg are Adhex (maker of protection films), and Sud-Chemie (maker of medical and pharmaceutical packaging). Fribourg wants to make the region as attractive as possible to employers and create as many new jobs as possible. There are already many job opportunities in Fribourg and the cost of living there is low.

Canton of FribourgThe State Councillor of the canton of Fribourg, Beat Vonlanthen, explained at the press conference that the government had a plan for the economic development of Fribourg running along several axes: tight collaboration with the Haute Ecoles, Universities, and industry; the implementation of a cantonal policy encouraging communes to acquire lands and select the types of companies they wish to welcome on their territory. There are already many shopping malls and Fribourg wants to insure that high value added companies set up shop in the canton. Fribourg also wants to promote collaboration with Geneva on several projects.

Canton of FribourgThe cantonal government of Fribourg is essentially trying to make the region a high-tech area, in the same way that Neuchatel and more recently Yverdon have done. Fribourg is an-and-coming region to consider for a career or e mployment in Switzerland.

To find addresses and telephone numbers of institutions mentioned, you can consult an online telephone directory. To find out about opportunities for work in the canton of Fribourg or lodging / accomodation, as well as other aspects of life in the canton, you can consult Fribourg’s website.

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