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Work in the Swiss Hospitality Industry

Posted on 29 April 2008 by Hans-T

According to a recent study by Manpower, Swiss employers in the Hotel and Restaurant Sector are highly optimistic for the period April-June 2008, for which they are predicting an increase in employment in Switzerland of 14%, considerably higher than last years hotel and restaurant industry jobs.

During the first quarter of 2008, the hotel and restaurant sector in Switzerland registered strong demand and created many new temporary jobs. The Manpower study said that for the 2nd quarter of 2008, the hotel and restaurant sectors would provide roughly 15% more work in Switzerland compared with last year. While 2007 was already an exceptional year, 2008 promises to show stronger growth in jobs in the hotel and restaurant businesses.

Despite the increase in jobs in hotels and restaurants in Switzerland, the salaries have not risen very much, and industry analysts are not expecting major increases in salaries any time soon.

Work in Swiss Hotel and Restaurant Industry

So while the increase in jobs this hospitality sector may be good for the general economy, it does not appear to signal an increase in the standard of living of employees of restaurants and hotels. Recruitment among Swiss hotels and restaurants nonetheless remains very strong.

The current strong growth in jobs in hotels and restaurants in Switzerland contrasts with the general moroseness in the construction industry, which has stagnated.

Manpower, the author of the study, is a global company specializing in employment services and temporary workers and has sales of over $21 billion. The group is active in recruitment in Switzerland for the hotel and restaurant industries.

Recruiting agencies claim that January 2008 was still better than January 2007, with a major increase in jobs and open-ended permanent contract hires.

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Job Board

Posted on 14 July 2007 by info

The national unemployment rate in Switzerland remains below 3%, with the economy experiencing labor shortages in several important market sectors. Zurich and Geneva remain the most desirable Swiss cities for foreign professionals seeking work in Switzerland.

As part of our periodic regional press roundup, a selection of jobs in the Geneva-Lausanne area is excerpted below. For current job offers in Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchatel and the Jura, one should consult the websites of Le Temps, The Tribune de Genève, 24 heures, as well as the numerous recruitment websites for the French-speaking regions of Switzerland. For the English-speakers living and working in Switzerland, the most extensive subculture is in Geneva and Zurich.


Hotel Bristol, Geneva – Four star hotel, member of SRS World Hotels, “The Charming Hotels,” and Independent Luxury Hotels, seeks an experienced Receptionist who is fluent in both English and French. A third language is highly desirable. Candidates should address their applications to the Bureau of Personnel, Hotel Bristor, 10 rue Mont-Blanc, CP 1636, 1211 Geneva 3.

Hotel Beau-Rivage, Geneva, Five star hotel, is seeking a Chef for its gastronomic restaurant “Le Chat-Botte” (rated 17/20 in the Gault Millau) who is fluent French and English. The Hotel also seeks an Attaché Commercial, fluent in French and English, with experience in sales and solid mastery of I.T. tools. A third open position at the Hotel is Assistant to the Banquets Director, candidates for which should be experienced, at ease with computer tools, and fluent in French and English. For all positions, apply to the Bureau of Human Resources, Hotel Beau-Rivage, 13, Quai du Mont-Blanc, 1201 Geneva, Tel: +4122 7166967, Email:

The University of Geneva is seeking a Professor of Egyptology, a full time position, with 6 hours of courses and seminars per week, spread over the BA and MA programs of the department of Antiquity Studies- Candidates should have research and teaching experience in languages, literature, and civilization of ancient Egypt, an interdisciplinary approach, one or more domains of specializations likely to attract students. Teaching is in French. The candidate will de called upon to develop at the national and international level research in his domains of specialization and to direct the work of students. A doctorate in letters is required or its equivalent. For September 2008 entry. Applications should be sent before 30 September 2007, accompanied by a letter of motivation, copies of curriculum vitae and publications, to: Faculty des Lettres, Uni-Bastions, 5, rue de Candolle, CH 1211 Geneve 4.


Dupont, Geneva, is seeking a Medical Nurse who will take part in the Helth Services Team under the direction of the company medical doctor at Dupont Geneva and will provide medical services for the employees at the Geneva site, which has over 700 staff located in the administrative complex in Grand-Sacconnex and the European Technical Center in Meyrin. The Medical Nurse will carry out medical examinations and provide support in occupational health subjects, and make decisions in emergencies when the company doctor is absent. The candidate should be an accredited nurse with a diploma from a nursing school and be fluent in English and French, with 3-5 years of experience in Occupational Health or Public Health, have a balanced and open personality, and be able to cope with pressure with minimum guidance. Applicants should apply directly online via: under the career section.

Les Lauriers, a private clinic in Geneva, is seeking an experienced nurse (80%-100%), with experience working with old people. The candidate should have a diploma, preferably with a geriatric specialty, and have office computer skills. Candidates should send their applications with photograph to Etablissement Médico Social, 7 rue Veyrassat, 1202 Geneva.

Marketing and Communications

The International Council on Human Rights in Geneva is seeking a Program Administrator, who has at least 3 years of experience with monitoring expenditure, organizing meetings, managing address systems, and is at ease with computer tools and programs. Excellent written and spoken English is required and fluent French is desirable. Information can be obtained from or c.v.s/applications sent to Patrick Cattan at

The International Council on Human Rights in Geneva is seeking a Communications Assistant with 3-5 years of experience and fluent in written and spoken English, with French or another major language. Experience in producing presentations, slide shows, catalogues, hard copy mailings, and marketing publications. The candidate should be organized, detail-oriented, and creative, and have strong skills in communications, like website creation, e-communication, and database management. Information can be obtained from or c.v.s/applications sent to Mariette Grange at

The Ringier Media Corporation, Lausanne is seeking a Key Account Manager to develop their advertising business in the French-speaking regions of Switzerland. Ringier publishes L’Hebdo, L’illustré, TV8, and other publications and now employs 230 people. The candidate should be between 25-45 years old, and have strong experience in advertising and sales, at ease in the world of fashion and luxury, as well as the financial world. Applicants should send their CVs with a motivation letter and salary requirements by email to : or by mail to Ringier SA, Département publicité + R&D, Patrick Zanello, CP 7249, 1002 Lausanne.

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Studying or Working in Swiss Schools …

Posted on 12 March 2007 by info

Since it is possible to visit Switzerland with a 3-month tourist visa in order to look for employment, many people seek work in switzerland or Swiss study opportunities while touring.

To the candidate thinking of selecting a school while visiting Switzerland on a tourist visa: as a rule, the best institutions are those which have been established longest. The oldest institutions are often the best organized, have the most interesting student bodies and the best working conditions.

Hotel Schools
There are many schools that are not regulated and/or do not meet international standards. A short-list of well-established Swiss schools can be found on the website of the Swiss Hotel Schools Association (ASEH).

One advantage to studying (or working) in a Swiss Hotel School is that you will doubtless develop a seasoned palette for a variety of international cuisines. In the work and study environment of the Swiss hospitality industry, one can expect to experience a wide variety of world cuisines as well as meet a wide selection of international students. Meeting people from around the world is part of the fun of studying at a Swiss Hotel School.

Boarding Schools
There are a great many famous private boarding schools, which are oriented to students between the ages of 10 – 20 years old. These schools offer a solid educational preparation for university study. Many of the alumni go on to important achievements in business or politics. Of course, many of the students already come from renowned familiesin entertainment, business, or government. To pursue information about boarding school, see the: Swiss Federation of Private Schools (SFPS), Hotelgasse 1, Postfach 245, CH-3000 Bern 7, Tel. +41-31-328 4050 Fax. +41-31-328 4045, E-mail: Website: There are over 250 schools under the SPFS umbrella, including the most venerable in the country. SPFS gives neutral, objective information on the various school programs and will help you find a suitable school.

Language Schools
There are innumerable language schools as well as language programs at the many Swiss universities. There are also summer and winter camps offering language instruction. tThe best source of information for these is the:
Swiss Federation of Private Schools (SFPS), Hotelgasse 1, Postfach 245, CH-3000 Bern 7, Tel. +41-31-328 4050 Fax. +41-31-328 4045, E-mail: Website:

Living in Switzerland
Keep in mind that living expenses for a student in Switzerland are on the order of about CHF 2000 / month

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Employment at Hospitality Schools

Posted on 24 February 2007 by pit

International Hotel School in Lausanne In most countries hotel management is part of a more general program or set of programs at universities. In contrast, Switzerland has entire schools which are dedicated to training students to take up demanding work in the hospitality and tourism industries. The coursework undertaken in these programs usually includes both practical and theoretical training. The schools further then require internships in industry, leading up to their professional careers. The major Swiss hotel magagement institutions run actual hotels themselves that both provide students with their own accomodation and then also serve as an on-campus laboratory providing students with a total hotel immersion experience.

Wide range of Employment possibilities
These Swiss hotel schools employ staff for various positions such as lecturers and operational staff or receptionists, coordinators for student internships, or even librarians.

To work in the operations and administration department —for example as a chef preparing meals for the in-house restaurants, or as a duty manager, etc.— both experience and references are required.

Lecturers have responsibilities for language courses –teaching French, German, or English– or various subject matter relating to the hospitality industrys, the nature of which might bring a smile to those with diplomas in Chemistry or Sociology: course titles such as “wine and spirits,” “general housekeeping,” “food preparation,” “banqueting,” etc.

In order to be a credible candidate for a teaching position in the Swiss hospitality industry, one usually has to hold a degree from a Hotel School and have at least 3 years of experience in the hospitality field, as well as several years teaching experience. A good strategy to get an interview with the academic dean is to highlight your experience in supervisory roles as well as in client contact, and demonstrate a strong familiary with industry technologies.

Instructors at Hotel Schools usually have thirty or more students in a class, though practical classes tend to be smaller and come with assistants. Hotel Schools in Switzerland often expect teachers to design new classes so you should be prepared to come with your own ideas.

The trend at Hotel schools has been toward a diminution of full-time permanent positions and a marked increase in the number of part-time contract positions, which are repeatedly renewed if the teacher is well-appreciated. Usually such renewals lead to a permanent position.

Salaries average around CHR 5,000 / month for full time teaching positions. While this is a fine salary for a single person, and is more than enough to cover living expenses and even generate savings, it is, comparatively speaking, not very well remunerated. The hospitality industry, along with nursing, are among the poorly paid professions in Switzerland. (Of course, the general managers of large hotels, as well as highly sought-after restaurant chefs, are well paid, but if you are reading this article, it is statistically unlikely you are among them.)

Those who enter the hospitality industry tend to be attracted by the lifestyle rather than the financial rewards: for the prestige of being associated with an illustrious institution, or for the beauty of their surroundings, or for the cameraderie anad social activities with their fellow staff.

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