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Posted on 20 August 2007 by info

Employment in Switzerland and the job opportunities in major Swiss cities are diverse and cover the range of technical and creative sectors. A variety of interesting job offers appeared over the past several days in the press, with employment advertisements covering most sectors of the economy and most of Swiss urban centers (Geneva, Zurich, Berne, Lausanne, Basel).

Our small selection of the most interesting currently advertised jobs in Switzerland follows:

Rolex, for its offices in Bienne, is seeking a Project Manager to manage the optimizing process across their manufacturing unit in Bienne, Switzerland. The Manager will coordinate and put in place optimizing projects responding to the company’s objectives, propose solutions for improving the process, and develop decisional tools to facilitate strategic choices. The right person for this job in the heartland of Swiss watchmaking will be an engineer EPF in microtechnics or mechanics or have an equivalent preparation, have solid experience working with production management, be a good communicator and be autonomous, have initiative and an analytical mind, as well as work well in a team and have working experience with of I.T. tools. Interested candidates for this managerial position in a top Swiss luxury watch making company can send their applications for the job containing CV, covering letter, and references to : Manufacture des Montres ROLEX, Monsieur Félix Hauswirth, Ressources Humaines, Rue David Moning 9, Case Postale, 2501 Bienne, Tel: 032 328 4226, Email:

La Poste, the Swiss Post in Berne, is seeking a Project Manager for Business Development. The executive filling this managerial role in a central Swiss governmnental organization will work on identifying potential business and new opportunities and exploiting them. The job description of this employment position involves collaborating with management and division specialists , preparing business plans for the Poste’s group management and participating in the development of prototypes of new service offerings.
The profile sought for this job opportunity should have a university education in economics or natural sciences with an MBA, and have managerial ability. To successfully handle the work in this demaning role, initiative, communication skills, and an analytical mind are important for this work. The job applicant should have proved himself or herself in the areas of business development and perhaps have himself/herself founded her own company, worked in or organized start-ups, or worked with venture capitalists. Like much work in Switzerland, this job demands strong language skills, in particular English and German.

Interested candidates for this job vacancy can send their employment application along with cover letter, CV, and work certificates to La Poste Suisse, Personnel (P43), ref. 20.45-2007, Viktoriastrasse 21, case postale, 3030 Berne. The HR Officer is M. Pierre-Yves Caboussat, tel: 058 338 54 74. Other jobs are on their website at

La Mobilière is seeking a Specialist for International Claims to fill a job vacancy in its head office in Bern. This employment position involves handling claims of an international nature in the sectors related to motor vehicles, as well as personal liability. The person recruited for this job will be responsible for settling foreign claims in matters of LAA (accident insurance). Also, the candidate taking on this job will provide technical support to the Claims Division and various agencies of the company as well as contact with La Mobilière’s foreign partners will also be part of the role’s responsiblities. To succeed at this job, the candidate will need an educational background in insurance and professional experience with claims as well as personal liability law.
Applicants for the job opening should be French mother tongue and have good knowledge of german. Interested candidates for this employment position in Bern, Switzerland, can send their job applications to: la Mobilière Suisse, Management du Personnel, Bundesgasse 35, 3001 Berne. The HR person handling this job is : Mme Monica Wurz, tel : 031 389 70 76.

Theatre Populaire and L’heure Bleue are seeking an Art Director, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, beginning in September or as soon as possible, to manage the Theatre and take responsibility for its artistic direction and choice and staging of work. This employment position in Swiss arts and culture management involves taking charge of the Theatre’s programming, its co-productions and its choice of invited artists. The job of Art Director also means supervising the Theatre’s educational activities. The work of the Director is also to assume responsibility for L’Heure Bleue, which combines dance, opera, music, and scene arts. The candidate for this job should have strong links in the Swiss theatre community and with local and regional artists.
For further information about this job in the Jura, contact: M. Claude-Eric Hippenmeyer (President), tel: 032 926 97 95, Email: M. Michael Kinzer (adm. Director), tel: 032 912 57 51, Email: Applicants for this job opening can send their applications directly to Fondation Arc en Scènes, M.C.E. Hippenmeyer, CP 962, 2301 La Chaux-de-Fonds. Experience working independently as well as flexibility and a spirit of initiative are necessary for this Swiss managerial job.

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More Jobs in the Jura

Posted on 11 July 2007 by Papessa

The Geneva-based luxury brand Franck Muller will be investing $30,000,000 in expanding its operations into the Jura area. The luxury watchmaker has just acquired an immense parcel of land on which to build a new production facility.

The new manufacturing center will immediately create between 150 – 200 new jobs in the different fields of watchmaking. It’s not clear where they will find the new employees.

The luxury watch industry is already suffering from a shortage of qualified professionals and the luxury brands have been raiding their competitors’ personnel for several years now. New recruiting agencies and specialized websites now concentrate on the luxury industry, finding qualified personnel for the dozens of Swiss-based big brands and charging large fees.

The Jura cantonal government is nonetheless very happy about the new plant in the Franches-Montagnes region, since the move will lend further weight to the region through its addition of more jobs; Franck Muller reportedly acquired more than 23,000 square meters and will spend the next 3 years on the project, hiring roughly 100 employees to start and another hundred at a later stage.

The Minister of the Economy of the Canton of Jura, Michel Probst, indicated that the arrival of the prestigious Geneva brand was a welcome new investment in the Jura economy.

The Jura was interested enough in luring Franck Muller that the canton sold the land for CHF 20 / square meter, which was the Commune’s purchase price.

Franck Muller already employs roughly 100 people in the Bois through two companies it owns: Arnold Linder and Sons which manufactures watch dials, and Rodolphe Montres et Bijoux.

The construction of still another luxury watchmaking plant in the Jura and the resulting pressure on the labor market will create new opportunities for work in Switzerland for qualified foreign nationals.

Swiss employers who wish to hire nationals from outside the EC must prove they sought personnel locally first and failed to find them. However in fields such as watchmaking –as with financial sector and pharmaceutical sector skillsets—companies usually have little trouble obtaining a work permit for whomever they wish to hire.
The workforce of the watchmaking sector is already more than 30% foreigners and the percentage is set to grow substantially.

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