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New Masters Program in Trading Started — Financial Jobs in Switzerland

Posted on 21 September 2008 by ThomasP

Switzerland – particularly Geneva and Zug – remains a center of trading activity in both raw materials and finished goods, providing a large number of jobs to professionals involved with dealing, brokerage and trading..

In order to satisfy the incessant demand for experienced traders needed by local companies, the University of Geneva has created a
Masters Program in Trading, which starts this October. The Masters in Trading concentrates on trade finance, international trade, and commodities and raw materials trading. The University will be offering as well three other masters programs oriented to other business needs among employers in Switzerland.

The Economics faculty of the University of Geneva explains that Geneva is essentially a trading city. There are over 150 companies
And 6000 professionals working in the domain of trading. The strong concentration of companies involved with trading activities contrasts remarkably with the lack of local opportunities for professional training

in the key disciplines that are central to these companies’ employment requirements.

According the University of Geneva faculty, only Paris, London and the East coast American universities offer this type of curriculum.

The Masters program beginning in October will begin with 16 students (chosen from roughly 50) and will last 3 semesters and alternate between coursework and practical work experience in local trading companies. The student will spend 50% – 70% of his time interning in job in a company and about 40% – 50% in coursework at the University.

The students in the program are all paid for their internships time, thanks to the help of Geneva Trading and Shipping Association.

There is no prerequisite requirement to have experience in the trading field or to have a bachelors degree in economics to enroll: students coming right out of the Arts and Letters faculty are admitted as well.

Across Switzerland there are hundreds of large companies working with financial underwriting or with trading. Jobs in Switzerland in the banking, finance and trading sectors are numerous and professionals with these skills are in high demand.

The University is also simultaneously launching other experimental degree programs, such as the interdisciplinary ‘Life’ Law Studies Program, which will focus on such legal issues as organ donor ship, genetic analyses, medically assisted procreation, and stem cell research. The training will start with intellectual property issues surrounding living organisms, and genetically modified organisms, the contracts for technology transfer of technology. This Masters program, is designed to lead to employment in the fields of health or intellectual property. The Geneva and lake Geneva region is home to quite a few important biotech companies and pharmaceutical companies.

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